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Unravels Secret Codes to your Personality through our Research-Backed Technique that has Help Thousands of People Since 2008.

You will learn:
  • Discover a profiling method proven by science and statistics
  • Why UCMHP is the best choice for personality profiling
  • How UCMHP can be applied in 5 key areas of your life
  • Simple and quick profiling in 5 minutes
  • Learn to calculate and plot your birth chart
  • Learn how to read your birth chart in 32 steps
  • Decode your universal character number
  • Learn about UCMHP chart sectors and what they represent
  • Learn the golden number combinations of successful people

Our 100% free video course reveals a unique method which has attained 6 excellence awards since 2011. It is an amazing discovery and well-known for its high accuracy in profiling people.

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Jasmine Kok Jasmine Kok, Ex Radio DJ

Dr Yeo's teaching allows me to integrate the DISC and NLP profiling methods for more accurate analysis. I thank him for his generous sharing and humble support.

Ken Tan Ken Tan, Self Employed

Dr Yeo's wisdom on UCMHP has widened my knowledge about myself and how I can help others avoid their predestined lives, be it illness or bad behaviour, or how to be successful and happy. I am very lucky to have learnt from Dr Yeo.

About Dr Bernard Yeo

Dr Bernard Yeo is the author of "Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself" bestselling book. The book was released in 2014 and are selling in all major bookstores in Singapore.

In 2012, he was awarded Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Professional Award in Outstanding Universal Profiling Method for his work.

Then in 2013, he was conferred Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling  for his outstanding research.


And soon he started on the journey to help thousands of people take control and design the life that they want.

Dr Yeo Teaching

World's First UCM Human Profiling Convention 2014

Here's Your Chance to Learn from the Comfort of Your Home with this Video Course

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