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What Is So Special About UCMHP?

  • Time of Birth Profiling

    No two person will share the same characteristic
    when time of birth is factor into the calculation.

  • Accurate

    Up to 90% accurate with our method of profiling.

  • Simple

    Yes. It is easy to learn in a step by step manner.

  • Instant Assessment

    Assess anyone, anywhere, it just take a minute
    of your time to know a person better.

  • Based on Research

    Research is done based on scientific method.

  • Based on Statistics

    Using statistics to derive at any conclusions.

  • Practical Applications

    Learn to manage conflict, manage relationship, build rapport
    with your clients, how to teach your kids effectively.

  • Live Better Life

    Experience an improvement in 5 core areas
    of your life – health, wealth, relationship,
    career and family.

Kek Joon Kee Kek Joon Kee, Department head

I used UCMHP to shorten my candidate selection process for my newly set up department. The staff I eventually hired really matched the UCMHP profiles I had determined, and were able to perform as expected.

Ken Lim Ken Lim, Marketing Executive

The UCMHP seminar has further enhanced my knowledge about profiling a person's character through the 32 ways of reading. I can now apply the technique to communicate with my child in her language and reduce frustration and friction.

“Through sharing these secret codes of life, you will undergo a transformation. Start living abundantly and experience an increase in harmony and peace within.”

From Dr Bernard Yeo

Award Winning Discovery

UCMHP is a unique discovery of the world renowned Pythagoras Character Development Theory where it is incorporated with scientifically proven NLP, DISC, Enneagram and MBTI. It is based on mathematical calculations, science and statistics.

Learning UCMHP is very simple and highly accurate of up to 90%. We are the first in the world to incorporate the teaching of time of birth that provides deeper insights to a person and that why two person sharing the same destiny numbers will have different outcomes in life.

Asia Pacific Brands Award 2015

Asia Pacific Brands Award 2015

Singapore Excellence Award 2014

Singapore Excellence Award 2014

Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Award 2012

Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Award 2012

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Asia Excellence Award 2014

Asia Excellence Award 2014

SME Asia Excellence Award 2014

SME Asia Excellence Award 2014

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development Research

Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Human Capital Development Research

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In the Elementary Life Mentor Course, You Will Learn

  • Understand yourself and your higher consciousness through the 32 steps of reading your chart
  • Your Universal Character Type
  • How to use your Time of Birth Chart to reveal deeper insights of your life
  • Understand the 5 elements and how they impact your life
  • Identify ideal career paths based on your element type
  • How to forge better relationships with others and avoid conflict
  • our ideal style of learning and how to interact with people and things around you
  • How to identify your personal health issues
  • and much much more...

Here are the Course Modules

  • Generating Your Birth Chart

    A step by step walkthrough to generate your basic birth chart report correctly.

  • 32 Steps Analysis

    Read and understand your natural traits from your birth chart with 32 steps analysis. You will get key insights to your characteristics, traits and challenges.

  • 3rd Eye and Hidden Potential

    Find out what your hidden potential and intuition from your birth chart.

  • UC Type 1-9

    Learn each of the individual numbers in detail. The basis of reading with accuracy in later parts of module.

  • Time of Birth Profiling

    This is what makes people with same birth date different from each other. Key to making an accurate reading if you will like to go further.

  • Star of Knowledge

    Elements and their relationship to numbers. Elemental supporting and controlling cycles explained in detail.

  • Rapport Technology

    Learn about your preferred senses, uncover your learning styles and improve your interaction with people.

  • Career Path

    Find out your best career path that suits according to your UC Type.

  • Health

    Know in advance what illness you are most likely susceptible to and take prevention early.

  • Pair Number Combination

    Explore the pair number combinations and receive the reference material to uncover new findings from your chart.

  • Analysis With Examples

    Watch with examples how Dr Bernard Yeo, a master practitioner, does his advance reading on any person from step 1 to step n. Learn and experience how the master do it with up to 90% accuracy.

So Much Content But so Little We Can Remember? Not a Problem Anymore With the Online Course.

Save Money from the Need for Revision Classes, As You Will Have Life-time Access to All the Reference Knowledge You Will Need.

Decode Your Life, Get Answers
to Your Life's Mysteries, and Finally
Take Charge of Your Life Today!

If you are unhappy about your life and want to make changes, there is never a better time to take action now.

You have the choice to learn about yourself in a simple and accurate way without the need to go through tests or questionnaires. Start making better informed decisions in your life with the help of UCMHP.

The Choice is in Your Hand.

Jasmine Kok Jasmine Kok, Ex Radio DJ

Dr Yeo's teaching allows me to integrate the DISC and NLP profiling methods for more accurate analysis. I thank him for his generous sharing and humble support.

Ken Tan Ken Tan, Self Employed

Dr Yeo's wisdom on UCMHP has widened my knowledge about myself and how I can help others avoid their predestined lives, be it illness or bad behaviour, or how to be successful and happy. I am very lucky to have learnt from Dr Yeo.

Learn More Effectively by Watching and Take Less Notes, Knowing That You Have all the Materials for Reference When You Need Them.

Here are some of the students who have attended UCMHP courses in PERSON!

You will be equipped with the knowledge of UCMHP Elementary Life Mentor Coach to unlock your true self and take the first step to improve your life in the 5 core aspects health, wealth, relationship, career and family.

Don't Delay, Whatever is Predictable,
is Preventable and Manageable.

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  • Content Library
  • Reference Material Booklet and Worksheets
  • Life-time Access
  • Analyse and Read Birth Chart
  • Understand Your Natural Talents
  • Improve Your Relationship With People
  • Strengthen Your Family Bond
  • Know Your Career Guiding Stars
  • Tackle Your Health Challenges
  • Make Better Informed Choices In Life
  • Be Ready to Find Out the Real You and Your Love Ones
  • Video Lessons Updated With Latest Relevant Content

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